You now have the opportunity to participate by sponsoring each kilometer, with just €5/km, an amount accessible to all. By doing so, you’ll help me reach my goal !

Join us in this incredible adventure! Your support is invaluable ! Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet me at various events organized in the Lyon region and perhaps even accompany me on part of the journey! We’ll keep you updated !

Go ahead ! Sponsor at least 1 kilometer !

Or even better, gather your school, club, or association, or your company and “purchase” kilometers together!

Helloasso is a social and solidarity enterprise that provides its payment technologies free of charge to the Vent d’Est organization. A contribution to the operation of Helloasso, which is optional and adjustable, will be offered to you before the validation of your payment.

Take advantage of this opportunity to generate buzz too !

All funds collected through Helloasso are immediately transferred to Thierry Ernst, the head of the Vent d’Est association.

If Helloasso is not accessible from your country, here are the bank details of the Vent d’Est association :

  • IBAN: FR76 1027 8073 4800 0200 1014 589
  • BIC/SWIFT address: CMCIFR2A
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