5,000 km by solar bike for Vent d’Est

I donate 5€ for 1 km…

My countdown

I commit to cycling nearly 5,000 kilometers round trip using solar power.

This journey aims to highlight the actions taken by the Vent d’Est association and to inspire your donations!” – Richard LEBRUN

The Vent d’Est association was founded in 2002 following the initiative of Tatiana and Thierry ERNST. This Franco-Moldovan couple has been organizing and participating in humanitarian actions in Eastern Europe and the Balkans since 1990. They, along with their team, have welcomed more than 150 children aged 3 to 16. The conflict in Ukraine has compelled them to embark on a new project: A House of Comfort for Womens

“Vent d’Est has always focused a significant portion of its actions on the interests of the most vulnerable, especially children. When the war began, the association initiated aid efforts for refugee families in Moldova by offering them activities to do together in the capital and providing children with the opportunity to participate in summer camps in Horodiște, in the countryside.”

Thierry ERNST – Head of the Vent d’Est Association

“From the very beginning of the conflict, we have been involved in welcoming refugee women. Our work has naturally evolved, leading us to support these women who have chosen to settle in Moldova, their land of asylum. Therefore, we decided to create a space for support, comfort, empowerment, cultural exchange, and social inclusion for Ukrainian women fleeing the war.”

“Concretely, we bought a house in our village of Horodiste. We intend to rehabilitate the premises to organize seminars, provide rest and exchange spaces, and offer psychological support. The budget we have planned for this project is €30,000.”

Tatiana ERNST – Head of the Vent d’Est Association

Everyone is delighted to see a new project dedicated to children and women coming to life. Certainly, in the scale of the country’s reconstruction, it represents only a small part, but we dare to think that symbolically it is the gesture, your gesture, that counts !

Help us achieve our goal, donate now. All donations go to the Vent d’Est association.

We thank you for your generosity and continuous support, and remember, “liking is nice, sharing the information is great, giving is awesome!”

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