Who am I ?

🚴‍♂️ Tenacity and courage : I am driven by unwavering determination and the courage necessary to undertake extraordinary challenges. Probably a bit of madness too !

🎯 Difficult but achievable goals : I set ambitious goals, often challenging, but always within the realm of possibility.

💪 Physical and mental : At 64, I strive to maintain good physical shape. My preparations include hours of training in the gym and kilometers covered by bike. This is my way of preparing for this exceptional challenge. Mental preparation is also part of my training.

Past performances :

🏞️ Ultra-trail in extreme conditions : I have participated in several ultra-trails in often daunting conditions. Always a “Finisher” which demonstrates my resilience and perseverance.

🚴‍♂️Solar bike to Slovenia : I have already completed a loop on a solar bike to Slovenia, covering 2,500 km with a positive elevation gain of 35,000 m, in total solar autonomy.

🇪🇸 Solar bike journey to Spain : A 1,600 km journey to Spain, in complete autonomy. This “test” aimed to validate the technical transformations made to the bike.

Follow My Adventure :

Join me in this exceptional adventure to Moldova! Follow my preparations, discover behind the scenes of my training, and follow my journey on social media. Together, let’s make this adventure a message of hope, courage, and support for humanitarian causes.

Thank you for being part of this unique adventure!

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